Scottish Rite, Alexandria, VA

A/E Services for Scottish Rite, Alexandria, VA, Estimated Cost: 1M

40,000 SF building is serving various meeting rooms, lodge room, 400 seat auditorium, work shop, offices, dining room and a commercial kitchen. ADG has provided energy audits and design and construction phase services for more than six years to perform following tasks:

Task Order #1 : Complete condition assessment of the 1969 building including Architecture, Structural, MEP and Fire Protections systems. Identifying items and providing cost estimates of major elements of the building that need to be repaired and replaced.

Task Order #2 : Trim and Roof Restoration

 Task Order #3 : Replacement of major HVAC system and Controls including modular Air Handling Units, Variable Flow Refrigerant (VRF) system and modifications of pneumatic controls to a web-based DDC.

Task Order #4 : ADA compliance modifications of the building and an addition of a new elevator.

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